Business ecosystem

OPERA Solutions take the lead in the business ecosystem of the high tech community to produce services of value to customers..

OPERA Solutions enable the community members to move toward shared visions and to find mutually supportive roles.

Chemical analysis

Experiencing the high class of R&D and qualification

We provide industry with a research platform of the highest reliability.

Our high-quality skills in process technologies enable prototyping of customers’ products.

We are capable of designing state-of-the-art electronic devices for evaluation.

The results of the product evaluation and value-added analytical solutions are available for our customers.

Process technology

  • UV lithography and micro-patterning
  • CVD thin-film encapsulation
  • Dry etching
  • Electroplating

Architectue design

  • Top emission OLEDs
  • Quantum dot LEDs
  • Emission zone simulation
  • Hybrid electronics modeling

Characterization and ananysis

  • Gas/liquid-phase analysis
  • Impurity/byproduct identification
  • Device characterization
  • Lifetime measurement