OPERA Solutions Inc.

Founded on November 16, 2020
Headquartered in Fukuoka Japan. The organization is based on the high-tech community developed in the field of organic photonics and electronics.

Business field

Research by contract to support industries developing products and processes, aiming for evolving the art of soft electronics.

Model making and prototyping of organic and soft electronic devices to meet customers' proof-of-concept needs.

Evaluation of trial products to fulfill customers' proof-of-value requirements.

Board director

Dr. Kentaro Harada, CEO


Dr. Ryuichi Hayashi
Dr. Hin Wai Mo
Dr. Hiroshi Fujimoto
Dr. Yuto Tomita

R&D facilities

OPERA Solutions has a prior right to utilize facilities of the business partner, i-opera.

Our business model

OPERA Solutions satellite office

i³-opera (business partner)